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Welcome to my version of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. This is a version of that game that my players and I have developed over thirty years of playing and running games. It includes the best of the first three editions of that game. Every edition of that game has introduced great new ideas but each has also abandoned many good ideas for a variety of reasons.


The purpose of this edition is to allow my players to experience a game that is easy to play, exciting, fun and flows easily through any level of play. In these rules you will find a game that is very similar to Second Edition D&D but has many of the mechanics of that game replaced with elements of the D20 system. Some of the key elements that made First Edition D&D such a fun and exciting game have been brought out of retirement to add their touch to this edition.

Be careful not to assume that you know how the rules will work without looking them up. There are enough similarities to make you think that you know how things will work but there are many things that are very different.


There are many Specific changes you will run into. Some of these are:

 Distances and areas are measured in "hexes" for everything.

 The alignment system has been simplified.

 Character classes are set up to be blueprints for building a character and provide a great deal of flexibility.

 The skill system provides a much greater range of options for players to do non-combat and non-spell casting activity.

 All spells have been rewritten to integrate with the changes in the system and to remove ambiguous situations.

 A spell point system has been added for all spell casters. Supplemental spell casting abilities have been added for each type of magic.

 The combat system has been reworked to remove most of the ambiguous situations (and there were many).


There have been several conceptual changes to help make this a unique game system. These are:

 Characters are assumed to learn a lot of things as they advance in levels. They get better at doing everything, not just a few select skills.

 The character generation system allows you to build the character you want to run instead of you having to run what the dice gave you.

 The "feel" of the spells have been altered to differentiate between natural, divine and arcane spells.

 The experience point system has been scaled to allow a typical gaming group to run through a full campaign within a couple of years.

 Initiative is handled using the D6 group initiative rules from 1st edition in order to make the combat as fast and exciting as it can be.

 In our own legends, creatures such as giants were fearsome and would make even the mightiest human warrior tremble at the thought of fighting one. The monster manual has been completely rescaled to allow the DM to use "legendary" creatures like they appear in our own legends. There are still many creatures such as goblins and orcs for characters to plow through but a single ogre would be enough to make a 3rd level party hesitate before attacking it.

 Non-standard creatures such as undead, golems and elementals have special abilities and special defenses that make them more than "Just another critter to kill."


       There are many people I need to thank for inspiring a hobby that has kept me entertained for over thirty years. Contributions to this work have been made by Christopher, Brian, Tom, Mat, Blorg, Chris, Dan, Shane, Spence, Amber, Ricky, Mike, Jim, Robbie, Mark, Shane, Bill, John, Doug, Marty, Rich, Chuck and countless others who showed me how to do it right as well as how to do it wrong.


     I hope that you find this game fun and exciting and enjoy many hours of game time.